Paddle Log — 2017
Coxsackie Mar 30 Both 11 Pleasant paddle on elevated water to Stockport Flats and a late lunch at Priming Hook, highlighted by ducks, hawks, eagles, vultures & a greylag goose at Little Nutten Hook.
Coxsackie April 3 Both 13 First warm day. Many very skittish ducks, several eagles & a cormorant. Greylag goose at Gays Point, still hanging out with canada geese.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 5 Both 8 Very high water, prolific animal presence, mainly muskrats in Wager's Pond. Strong downstream current.
Coxsackie April 9 Both 15 Placid conditions, upstream to Matthew Point exploring various marshes along the way, highlighted by three pairs of nesting eagles, two painted turtles & a common goldeneye.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 10 Both 9 Water a little above normal, warm & windy, Wager's Pond not as lively. Some muskrats & many painted turtles.
Coxsackie April 14 Both 12 Water level normal, pleasant paddle to Priming Hook highlighted by a solitary swan preening on the mud flat, extraordinary photo op.
Coxsackie April 18 Both 11 Some wind to start, eventually let up, otherwise quiet paddle to Priming Hook.
Athens April 23 Both 15 Beautiful day. Yellowlegs at Priming Hook, wood ducks at Stockport Creek & mergansers at Brickyard Bay. Many turtles.
North Germantown Landing April 24 Both 16 Inbocht Bay busy with wildlife activity, numerous wild flowers by the Roe Jan, nothing happening at Rogers Island, lunch at Dutchmans Landing.
North Germantown Landing April 27 Both 10 Unsuccessful search in Inbocht Bay for unusual reptilian creature spotted during previous paddle. Lunch at Roe Jan. Some wind, too many clouds.
Coxsackie April 28 Both 14 Very warm & tranquil, upstream to Matthew Point, flocks of cormorants, ospreys & the goat lady.
Coxsackie April 30 Both 7 Gray day, cut short by unexpected thunderstorms starting in Brickyard Bay. Several low flying eagles overhead.
Kelly Park May 1 J & ADK 11 Take out at Saratoga Lake.
Stuyvesant Landing May 4 Both 12 Quiet beginning, many eagles, high water, lunch at Hannacroix. Head-to-wind return.
Athens May 10 Both 9 Strong downstream current overwhelmed the flood on a disappointing gray, cheerless day. Stop at SMG.
Lock 7 May 11 Both 10 Low water caused by apparent drawdown in progress, upstream effort strenuous into wind, hung up on rocks, quick return. Lunch at the grotto.
Aqueduct Park May 13 J 2 Pedal, paddle & run triathlon. Course confusion.
Henry Hudson May 16 Both 15 Failed attempt to locate eagle nest opposite Schodack Island State Park, otherwise lively & eventful.
Coxsackie May 17 Both 13 Stockport Flats and lunch at Priming Hook on a very hot day. Many immature eagles at Little Nutten Hook and a motor boat stuck on the mud flat at SMG.
Coxsackie May 18 Both 13 Improved float plan, early launch, off by noon to beat the 90 degree heat. No goats at Matthew Point. Lunch at RR village.
Coxsackie May 20 M 10 Attempted repeat of previous paddle, cut short by windy conditions. Lunch at Bronck Island.
Stuyvesant Landing May 21 Both 11 Exploration of Schodack Creek marshes, highlighted by a tailless rwb. Lunch at RR village. Windy return.
Athens May 23 M 14 Utterly delightful paddle on dead calm water, ever increasing wildlife activity. Lunch at HRISP.
Cheviot Park May 24 Both 15 Exploration of Imbocht Bay twice, coming & going, lunch near Roejan. Another delightful day.
Octavio's Landing May 28 Both 17 Morning south to Five Mile Point, afternoon north to explore west side coves. High water & plentiful wildlife, including several caspian terns & 100s of cormorants.
Lock 7 June 2 Both 12 Falcon show at the scrape, food transfer from one adult to the other for feeding two chicks. Many other subjects.
Coxsackie June 4 Both 11 Early launch hoping to beat cloudy weather, not early enough. Many eagles & ospreys.
Athens June 7 Both 14 Very high water & strong current from runoff overwhelmed the flood. Lunch at Coxsackie Farmers Market. Many eagles on return.
South Bay State Boat Launch June 8 Both 17 Extraordinary marsh exploration to The Narrows of Dresden. Lunch at Chubbs Dock accompanied by a green frog & a water snake. Continual wildlife activity.
Stockport Station June 12 Both 8 Early on & off to beat intense heat. Weeds are growing & carp are jumping. Also many eagles & gbh's.
Coxsackie June 14 Both 12 Low water with little activity until afternoon return to SMG area. Seven eagles were gathered around a fish skeleton on a chestnut mat.
Lock 7 June 15 Both 15 Another falcon show at the scrape, one took a bath while the other took a bird on the wing. Eventually the chicks were fed. Many baby mallards swam with their mothers, also gbh's, an eagle, a kingbird & a rough-winged swallow.
Nolan Road June 17 M & seadogs 8 Enjoyable paddle on calm water, lunch near the dam. Several notable encounters with wildlife, including a kingfisher & a loon.
Hague June 21 Both & Alan 14 Energetic paddle on active water, wind varying from SW to W, steady with a few lulls. Stops at Rogers Rock, Black Point Beach & Glenburnie, then strafed by a feisty gull.
Lock 7 June 22 Both & Mike R 13 A third falcon show near the scrape, parents eating at separate locations, chicks out of the nest. Also two eagles. Nothing happening on the Alplaus again.
Indian Lake June 24 M 14 Unexpected solo paddle because of a scrubbed seadog launch at very windy Raquette Lake. Indian Lake much more pleasant. Many dragonflies.
Coxsackie June 26 M 13 Morning & afternoon episodes of parents driving away juveniles from the SMG nest area. Chicks very close to flying.
Athens June 28 Both 11 High water almost to top of bulkhead. Mostly quiet river until finishing lunch at Priming Hook. Two adult eagles devoured a dead carp on shore, evidently exposed by the receding tide.
Stockport Station July 2 Both 9 Hot & hazy. Only two chicks seen at the SMG nest, whereabouts of third unknown.
Coxsackie July 4 Both 14 Busy day on the river highlighted by barn swallows on a tree near the mouth of Coxsackie Creek & a canada lily.
Athens July 5 Both 13 Eagle action near SMG — chicks out of the nest, favoring foliage near tracks. Also a gbh territorial squabble.
Henry Hudson July 9 Both 11 Dull tide ride to Lafarge. Lunch at Schodack Island SP.
West Lake July 10 Both 11 Lively day exploring the coves, many odes, a bull frog & a large hawk. Afternoon turned cloudy.
Coxsackie July 12 Both 12 All three fledglings near SMG nest, many other birds all paddle long. Lunch at Priming Hook. Overtaken by Nina & Pinta on the way back.
Athens July 16 Both 12 At least 15 eagles on the day, many gbh's & a beached pontoon boat on SMG with the tide ebbing. Another pontoon boat assisted in the rescue.
Coxsackie July 19 M 12 Very hot day with continual attractions – eagles, green herons, gbh's, a woodchuck & canada lilies at MC. Lunch at RR village.
Lock 7 July 20 M 8 Early morning launch into stygian low water.
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